Fritz Dopfer

Fritz Dopfer


Fritz Dopfer


Bio & Athlete Information

Name: Fritz Dopfer
Birth date: 24.08. 1987
Birthplace: Innsbruck

Current Residence: Schongau
Language spoken: German, English and French
Career Highlights: 17th place World Cup- Giant Slalom Kranjska Gora 30-01-2010
6th place European Cup- Slalom Monte Pora 19-02-2010
6th place European Cup- Slalom Bansko 22-01-2010
4th place European Cup- Giant Slalom Slodeu 05-02-2009
2nd place European Cup- Giant Slalom Hinterstoder 11-01-2008

What drove you to become a competitive ski racer: The passion for skiing!

Define yourself in three words: aspiring, sportive, down-to-earth

I love... my life
I hate... losses
I need... Sports and Fun

I believe... in God

I find inspiration... from people who surround me, especially from my family and friends

My greatest achievement is... to be here, where I'm now

My most treasured possession is... the knowledge that i like what I do

A Memorable experience... was the trip to New Zealand this summer, where we prepared for the upcoming season. It was the first time for me to be there and we had perfect training facilities!

If I could live anywhere, it would be... definitly not better than in the Alps

My interests other than skiing.... are mostly other sport activities, like soccer, tennis and golf

3 items I can't live without... soccer ball, Nordica skis and friends

Money or Fame? Money

Beach or mountains? Mountains

Favorite song... songs from bands, like MGMT, Coldplay or Sportfreunde Stiller

Favorite book... books from John Grisham, especially ‚Playing for Pizza

Favorite films.. Italien Job, Hangover, Mennerherzen

Pet.... cats

A good friend is... someone who can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself

Nordica because... it's a great ski! I'm skiing Nordica now for five years and have had always big support and perfect skis, so I'm very confident and grateful to be part of the Nordica Racing Team!

My motto is Live your life and work hard to reach your goals!

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