Stefan Hausl

Stefan Hausl


Stefan Hausl


Bio & Athlete Information

Name: Stefan Häusl
Birth date: 19.06.1976
Birthplace: Salzburg, Austria

Current Residence: Strengen am Arlberg
Language spoken: Austrian ;-) English

Career Highlights:

1st FWT Fieberbrunn 2011

3rd FWT Sochi 2011

4th FWT Overall 2011

1st FWQ Tour Overall 2010

2nd Röldal Freeride 2010

1st Snowfever Big Mountain Austria 2006

2nd Snowfever Big Mountain Austria 2007

1st Montafon Freeride Festival 2010

1st Engadin snow Big Mountain 2008

1st Powder 8 World Championships 1999

3rd Powder 8 World Championships 2000

1st Weisser Rausch St. Anton am Arlberg 2006

3rd Scott Czech Freeride Davos 2009

What drove you to become a competitive Freerider:

Freeskiing is and was always everything for me. After racing I saw all this cool movies from the states and I wanted to try that too. This was motivating for me to develop from a ski racer to a ski guide and finally to a professional Freerider.

Define yourself in three words:
quiet, restless, fair!

I love skiing in all it’s ways

I hate tax.

I need freedom.

I believe in my skills.

I find inspiration in the quiet times of the year.

My greatest achievement is that I was close to win the Freeride world tour title.

My most treasured possession is our house.

A Memorable experience was to jump the hollywood cliff in Verbier the first time. Scary ;-)

If I could live anywhere, it would be where I live now.

My interests other than skiing are biking, climbing and my little family.

3 items I can’t live without: car, Mac book, skis!

Money or Fame? Nothing of that I need, all I need is to live my passion in some kind of activity.

Beach or mountains? mountains

Favorite song, “Half the world away” from REM

Favorite book: Illuminati

Favorite films: Oceans 11

Pet: no

A good friend is a Freeride buddy

Nordica because it is like a family. The products are cool and full of great performance. This is the ski brand!

My motto is: follow your passion!

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