Name:Matts Olsson
Birth date:1 Dec 1988
Birthplace:Köla Sweden

Current Residence:Köla Sweden
Language spoken:Swedish, English

Career Highlights: Kranjska Gora 6:th place x2

What drove you to become a competitive ski racer: I always had dreams of becoming a great sports man

Define yourself in three words: One word is enough… Awesome! Ha ha;D

I love...Family, Friends and sports

I hate..Lose



I need.. Fun



I believe..That you don't need to know



I find inspiration.... On YouTube



My greatest achievement is..... Becoming a pretty decent ski racer


My most treasured possession is.... My phone


A Memorable experience.... 5 flips with a car, not a funny one



If I could live anywhere, it would be.... Not sure, but a really nice place for sure



My interests other than skiing.... Sports in general



3 items I can’t live without..... Tough question



Money or Fame?Fame



Beach or mountains?Mountains



Favorite song... Don't know



Favorite book..Not a reader



Favorite films.. Gladiator



Pet.... No



A good friend is.. A good friend;)



Nordica because...They have good skis and a strong team in Sweden right now



My motto is…. Nothing to it but to do it!