Lars Haakon Hafsal


Name:----Lars Haakon Hafsal

Age: ----22


Currently residing:----Norway

Home Mountain:----Hafjell

Grew up:----Hamar, Norway


Sponsors:----Nordica, Scott, Falke Ergonomics


I ride:

Skis:----The Ace Competition

Boots:--- TJS PRO



Favorite online ski edit (include link and describe why):----

This is Øystein Bråthen, a youngster from Norway. Watch the edit and see for yourself why this kid kills it.



When I’m not skiing I’m…---- Exercising my knee, watching Breaking Bad, waxing my skis and stuff like that..

My skiing is Inspired by…----Its a huge influence riding with Kim Boberg, but I always try to do stuff I think its cool myself.


Current Favorite:

Music Genre:---- So various, but mostly chill indie/reggea/electronic music

Food:----Norwegian traditional food

Drink:---- Black coffee


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Profile Videos (include Links): sums up my 2012 season Edit (norwegian video contest) the Shred´n Breakfast episodes

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