Sponsors: Nordica (duh) anon optics, iNi outerwear, Arsenic apparel, Dakine, Treefort Lifestyles, Sugarbush
Age: 20
DOB: 12/14/1993
Currently residing: Pomona college, CA
Home Mountain: Sugarbush, Vt
Grew up: Middlesex, Vt
I ride:
Skis: Soul Riders
Boots: Ace three stars
Favorite online ski edit:
Obviously B-dog edits will always have a special place in my heart but as of right now its gotta be the Bunch California mix tape. Its one of the few edits over a couple minutes that I can actually stand to watch. the bunch are doing it right, just a bunch of friends killing it in their own way. 
When I’m not skiing I’m… Probably going to be studying this year
My skiing is Inspired by… A lot of different things
Current Favorite:
Type of Music: Country
Food: I do love a good hamburger
Drink: Chocolate Milk
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