Christian Spescha


Name:Spescha Christian
Birth date:25.01.1989

Current Residence:Obersaxen
Language spoken:German

Career Highlights:1 Place overall European Championship 09/10

What drove you to become a competitive ski racer:I grow up on the ski slope

Define yourself in three words:ambitious, down to earth and friendly

I sleep long

I hate..unpunctuality  


I need..snow


I my strengths


I find inspiration.... in nature


My greatest achievement bake a cake on my own

A Memorable experience....first run on the downhill track Birds Of Prey in Colorado


If I could live anywhere, it would be....Obersaxen, Switzerland


My interests other than skiing.... Hunting


3 items I can’t live without.....skis, snow and rock`n`roll


Money or Fame?fame


Beach or mountains?mountains


Favorite song... 30 seconds to mars (closer to the edge)


Favorite newspaper..daily mail


Favorite after tomorrow


Pet.... none


A good friend is..somebody who`s there for you in good and bad times


Nordica because...i want success


My motto is….Aman that fights can win, a man that doesn`t fight has already lost