Bene Hoflinger


Name:Bene Höflinger

Age: 26


Currently residing:Innsbruck/Austria

HomeMountain: Nordpark

Grew upin southern most Bavaria (Reit im Winkl)


Sponsors:Nordica, Uvex, Zanier, Rox Energy, Icetools, Sunlight Caravan


I ride:

Skis:Patron, The Ace Competition

Boots:The Ace ***


Favorite online ski edit (include link and describe why):Of course it's the trailer of our upcoming movie called STAMMTISCH (full movie dropping Dec. 2013). As I'm from Bavaria, I enjoy the mountains and the best beer in the world, this edit is just made for me! (


When I’m not skiing Istill can't live without mountains. I love climbing, hiking and mountainbiking as well as travelling and of course to party!

My skiing is Inspired byall my friends, who are enjoying exactly the same lifestyle than me.


Current Favorite:

Music Genre:Oldschool Hip Hop

Food:Schweinebraten and Semmelknödel (typical Oktoberfest food)

Drink:As I already mentioned, my all time favorite is Bavarian beer.


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Profile Videos (include Links):
2011/12 Movie Dynamite (trailer):
2011/12 Movie Dynamite (full movie):
2012/13 Movie (trailer):

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