Sponsors: Nordica, Oakley, Monster, Giro, MITCH by Paul Mitchell, Park City Mtn. Resort, Giro helmets
Age: 21, Old enough to party…
DOB: 07/25/1992
Currently residing: Park City, Utah
Home Mountain: Park City Mountain Resort
Grew up: Right here in PC
I ride:
Skis: Nordica ACE and One Man Wolf Pack (OMW)
Boots: The ACE and the TJ
Favorite online ski edit: Probably have to go with The Wallisch Project, which you can only get on iTunes… does that count? Just so many bangers.
When I’m not skiing I’m… Skateboarding, tramping, biking, jumping off stuff, anything that sounds fun at the time.
My skiing is Inspired by… TJ Schiller was my favorite growing up, but everyone I ski with inspires me. Also music.
Current Favorite:
Music Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap, to Indie rock, Miley Cyrus, the basics really…
Food: Steak n Chicken and Veggies!
Drink: Monster and water and coconut water
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