Davide Cusini


Name: Davide Cusini
Birth date: 17/08/1988
Birthplace: Sondrio

Current Residence: Livigno
Language spoken: Italian

Career Highlights: Best Rookies at RedBull Linecatcher 2011, Nineknights 2012

What drove you to become a competitive ski racer:  I love the adrenaline down a slope and in competitions it doubles up.

Define yourself in three words:ROCK AND ROLL…… ahahahahaha

I love,Mountain, friends and sking

I hate,who speaks too much…


I need,people around me


I believe..in mother nature


I find inspiration.. on my friends


My greatest achievement is... I have many

My most treasured possession is.. my experiences

A Memorable experience.... MunztAgata expedition this summer


If I could live anywhere, it would be... at home


My interests other than skiing.... biking, ciimbing, party with friends


3 items I can’t live without.. water, fire, air


Money or Fame?health


Beach or mountains?Mountain


Favorite song... disco pogo


Favorite book..  una scomoda verita’


Favorite films.. the snatch


Pet.... Havana


A good friend is.. the ones I have


Nordica because...it’s a great team with the best materials


My motto is….in my life: “take it easy”, when I sking: “nell’incerto tieni aperto”