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With a heritage that goes back 75 years and an unsurpassed commitment to quality,  Nordica skis and boots provide every skier at every level the performance and comfort they are looking for.



In 1939, after years of experience as traders in hides, the brothers Adriano and Oddone Vaccari founded "Nordica" in Montebelluna, making casual footwear. In the after-war years Nordica specialised in ski boots, although continuing to supply the market with cross-country ski shoes and climbing boots. Work was still seasonal and the equipment manual. In 1950 Zeno Colò gave his name to a Nordica ski boot and to a revolutionary lining designed by Colmar. Zeno became World Champion with Nordica both in the downhill and the giant slalom of the 1950 World Championships in Aspen, Colorado and gave his name to a ski boot made by the company in Trevignano.



The sixties saw radical transformations: 1963 marked the introduction of the buckle, a fastening system conceived in Austria and applied for the first time in Italy by Nordica. The great innovation of that year, however, was the all-polyurethane ski boot; specific moulds (one for the right boot and one for the left) and injection presses were developed. 1968 was a crucial year with regard to company technical decisions, which would affect the future and the size of Nordica: the leather upper of the traditional models was plastic-coated externally using polyurethane or pvc and the cuff was raised.



Nordica set up its first affiliate in the United States, which was the result of an agreement between Nordica and Rossignol. Other affiliates were opened in Austria, Japan, Switzerland, France and Germany. Nordica at that time covered 30% of the world production, with an output of 2,000,000 pairs of boots/shoes a year.



In 2003 the Nordica brand was purchased by the Tecnica group. The new corporate strategy is aimed at the ski sector with particular attention being paid to the racing product and to the competition sector. The feeling between some celebrated names in skiing and the Nordica brand is confirmed once again by the great performances in the world cup and by the recent world championships in St. Moritz. Further confirmation of Nordica competitive spirit and the great desire to be number one again.


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In 2006 Nordica presents XBI, a fully integrated balance improvement system. In 2009 Nordica celebrates 70 years of performance and passion; an important goal reached thanks to a great international team work, racing and freeski athletes and testman suggestions and of course high quality products that, all over these years, confirmed the high level of Nordica brand.